Anne-Sophie Charbonneau Micromedia Portfolio

Communication and Information Technologies 1

Multipage Booklet

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

For this project, I created a short story booklet. Since I picked Beatrix Potter’s the Tale of Peter Rabbit, I wanted the booklet to look appealing for children.

Using Word, I learned how to embellish the pages with illustrations and how to use headers/footers.

Calendar 2022

Animal Crossing Calendar

For this project, I designed a minimalist Animal Crossing calendar. I looked for colorful fan-art illustrations of the game to either represent the season or the event of the month and added small icons on the month page for contrast.

Using Word, I learned how to organize and design a calendar within a table.

Pixel art

Princess Zelda Portrait

For this project, I recreated a portrait of Princess Zelda. I applied a different colour to several styles to create a sort of swatch panel, and applied them on a large range of cells.

Using Excel, I learned how to format the cells of my document and how to apply custom styles.

Graphic Design 1: Illustration


Koi Fish

For this project, I created a mandala inspired by the koi fishes in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. I wanted to represent a pond in my mandala as well as convey movement and harmony between the fishes.

Using Illustrator, I learned how to use the rotation function and how to map things around a radius.

Analogue to Digital Illustration

Little Witch in the Woods

I sketched a drawing of a long-awaited indie game called Little Witch in the Woods, which was pushed back because of Covid. I wanted to capture the mystical and charming atmosphere of the game in the main character’s portrait, Ellie.

Using Illustrator, I learned how to trace my previously drawn sketch as well as how to work with shading and lighting.

Typographic Poster

Legend of Zelda Sword

For this project, I created a poster using a quote from the game Legend of Zelda. I used the sword in the stone and fairies as a visual element to support my quote and to recreate the natural environment from the game.

I learned how to apply effects on text and how to create a visually dynamic poster using expressive typography.

Photo Editing 1

Photo Gallery

A Perfect Sunset

For this project, I edited this image so that it would look 'picture perfect'. In the original picture, the man is holding on to a rail which was blocking the beautiful view.

Using Photoshop, I learned how to use the stamp tool and how to hide something out of an image.

Web 1: HTML, CSS and JS

Page with Grid

Photo Gallery

For this project, I created a web page containing a photo gallery inside a grid. I used images I like as well as images from a photo walk.

Using VSCode, I learned how to design a responsive grid and how to utilize the hover fonction.

Introduction to Graphic and Web Design

Design History Project

Mug à la Psychedelic '20s Disney

For this project, I created a hoodie inspired by Steven Harrington’s art design. It is based on a bright, iconic, contemporary psychedelic-pop aesthetic.

Using Illustrator, I learned how to personify a mug and give it the same personality as a cartoon character coming straight out of an old-school Disney episode, as well as how to use mock-ups on Photoshop.

Folding Card and Envelope

Alice's Wonderful Card

For this project, we had to create a card as well as cut, fold and glue our own envelope. I was inspired by the Mad Hatter's tea party from Alice in Wonderland.

I learned how to cut and fold paper in a proper way as well as design a small greeting card on Photoshop.