Anne-Sophie Charbonneau's Passion Project

Welcome to my Passion: Illustrations!

Ever since I was young, I’ve always liked to draw. I have taken a few classes, but most of it I learned from my mom and on my own. When I received an iPad, it lead me to the world of digital art. I now have access to so many new brushes and textures, as well as so many new imaginative ways to create art. I've only been able to do a few small drawings for friends and school but, I am enjoying learning a whole new side of illustrations and animation.

Why is Illustration Important?

I believe illustrations are important because they are an creative way to communicate, to tell a story. When words aren’t enough, they can make viewers feel what the artist or character is feeling. Without illustrations, how could we enjoy some of our favorite animated movies and video games? Here are some of my favorite inspirations.

Studio Ghibli

Japanese Animation Film Studio

Studio Ghibli has taught me how to represent a character’s personality through their design. A great example is Mei, a four-year-old girl, in My Neighbor Totoro. Her pigtails and her short overall dress give her the freedom to move around clumsily and go on adventures driven by her curiosity.

I love *LOVE* everything about their movies. The sceneries are extremely detailed and are sometimes inspired by real life locations, the animations are incredibly smooth and finally, they offer complex and poetic stories while exploring the depths of the human soul.

Breath of the Wild

Digital Nintendo Game (Zelda Series)

Many digital games these days have amazing graphics, but because it is an open-world game, Breath of the Wild is the first one to show me how important background art is to a story. The background creates the context; it imbues the elements with an atmosphere.

Most of the game entails climbing and soaring around cel-shaded environments with minimalist melodies drifting through the breeze. My favorite part was to discover the map because wherever I ended up, I could take a picture of the amazing landscape.

My Favorite Artists

I like to follow other artists on Instagram because they inspire me to keep practicing and working on my art, they're a great source of motivation. I also really like their community because they are incredibly supportive of small lesser-known artists.

Christopher Abou-Rjeili

Known for his love of comic books, Christopher draws some of our favorite characters in black and white. His illustrations are amazingly detailed, and his work clearly shows his understanding of the human anatomy.


Luuu Xia Illustration

This artist creates cute illustrations inspired by studio Ghibli movies. Not only are her illustrations incredibly inviting, but she brings them to life with small animations. She also redraws her old art and shares her drawing process for her followers.


Ashleigh Izienicki

Mixing the creepy and cute, this illustrator draws empowering women depending on a theme (voted by her fans) each month. Her latest theme was “fairy tale” where she shows us an obscure version of famous princesses’ stories.